Oil Drain Plug Vacuum System

Welcome to CAP Oil - your home to oil plugs for fleet maintenance.  Our oil change plugs can be used with gravity drain or vacuum drain.  For smaller vehicles, that the oil filter is under the oil pan, our QC plugs do a great job.  Attach the activating hose and drain either with vacuum or drip drain.  NO SPILLS.

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For larger vehicles that the oil filter is above the oil pan, install our drain hoses.  Once installed, you will vaccum the oil from the side of the truck.  A clean and quick oil change.

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CAP Oil Change Systems have solved the problem of changing oil through innovative engineering and design. Since its inception in 1999, CAP has been the industry leader in developing quality manufactured and engineered Extractor and Dispenser equipment and accessories. CAP Oil Change Systems offers equipment that extract oils and fluids from coolant systems, hydraulic systems, gear boxes, etc. for all size fleets.

Safe, Clean & Green

  •  Oil or fluids securely transferred to tank
  •  Eliminates spills
  • Reduce accidents from hot oil
  • Operates without electricity
  • Helps maintain clean and safe environment to comply with EPA and OSHA mandates
  • Counterbalanced design rolls easily on 10 inch wheels