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How It Works

The CAP Oil Change System extracts oil in the fraction of the time of conventional gravity drain oil changes. CAP Oil Change Systems equipment is completely portable, requires no work bay, expensive lift or dedicated location and enables the user to change engine oil either cold or at operating temperatures, all without risk of injury or spills. This is accomplished quickly through a powerful vacuum that can extract up to13 quarters of oil in less than one minute without connection to any electrical or other device.

Utilizing a standard air compressor with 90 psi @ 6 cfm a vacuum of 22″ HG (22 inches of mercury) is produced in less than two minutes which is  enough vacuum  to extract the oil.  Once the vacuum is created, the air compressor is disconnected and the unit is ready to extract oil.

Using this vacuum generation system, the extractor sucks oil from the oil pan drain plug adapter into its tank. After all oil has been drawn from the engine, the tank remains under vacuum and is ready to extract additional oil if needed.

Using this vacuum generation system, the extractor sucks the oil from the oil pan via the permanently affixed drain hose assembly that reroutes the oil pan drain plug to a more accessible location. After all of the oil has been extracted into the tank the extractor unit can be connected to another engine’s hose assembly to do another extraction or it can be pressurized to transfer the used oil to an approved waste oil storage tank.

The CAP oil extractor weighs approximately 215 pounds empty and is easy for a single operator to move due to its counterbalanced design.  The extractor completely empties a 44-quart capacity pan of hot oil in less than four minutes without allowing a drop to leave the sealed system.