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All CAP Oil Change Systems, LLC (CAP) products are warranted for MATERIALS, WORKMANSHIP

A. This warranty does not extend to altered, abused or improperly used products, or used for
something outside the intended use of product described in this owners manual.

B. No other warranty or guaranty is expressed nor implied. No CAP employee, agent or Dealer is
authorized to change these policies or make other commitments on behalf of CAP.

C. CAP Oil Change Systems, LLC is not liable for incidental or consequential costs, losses or
damages incurred by the product purchaser or user.


Equipment products are defined as those products designed and manufactured by CAP for specific
functions. These machines are assigned model numbers and are serialized during manufacture for
quality control and warranty purposes. All CAP EQUIPMENT products are warranted for Materials,
Workmanship and Performance for non-expendable parts for a Period of Twenty-Four (24) months.
Labor to repair any warranty item will be covered for 180 days. Warranty period will begin on date of
shipment from stocking dealer to customer or date of drop shipment from CAP to end user or
customer. This warranty does not extend to machines that have been altered or abused, if
corrosive or flammable liquids have been used, or the equipment has been used in any way
that is outside the intended use of the equipment.


Drain Hose and Fitting Products are defined as those products that are fitted to Trucks, Automobiles,
Equipment or Machinery that couple with CAP Equipment Products to allow the Safe, Efficient and
Environmentally Friendly extraction or replacement of lubricants, coolants and other operating fluids.
Drain Hose assemblies and fittings products are guaranteed for workmanship at the time of delivery
and materials for a period of twelve months after the time of delivery. All claims for these products
must be made by returning the product to CAP. CAP’s evaluation of the Drain Hose Products units will
determine if repair or replacement will be made under warranty. Warranty obviously does not extent to
hose and fitting products that have been altered or abused. (i.e. cross threaded, cut off too short at
assembly, used for purposes other than those intended, etc.)
This policy on Drain Hose Products is essential because CAP has no control over the final assembly
of the products to the vehicles or other equipment on which they are installed. Quality workmanship
by professional mechanics using the proper tools in good condition is paramount for installing drain
hose assemblies.


For warranty service please call our technical department at 888-387-4973. A technician will first
diagnose whether the unit can be repaired or needs to be returned. If a part, or complete unit needs
to be returned you must have a Return Authorization Number (RAN) and this number must be written
on the package.
No warranty will be honored if a return is made without first obtaining a Return Authorization Number.
All parts are units must be shipped prepaid. Parts and units will be returned at no charge to the
customer provided the part meets the warranty guidelines.