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Uses for CAP oil change systems span many classifications from fleet vehicles for transportation and the delivery of goods to heavy equipment and industrial applications.

  • City/State/Dept of Transportation vehicles
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Farming equipment
  • Boats/Marinas/Yachts
  • Military
  • General Aviation
  • Railroads
  • Transfer or extracting of other fluids such as antifreeze, brake fluids, etc.
  • Any industrial machine that contains oil or hydraulic fluid

The most obvious use for CAP Oil Extraction Equipment is in the changing of common everyday motor oil but other fluids may also be extracted that are used in the internal combustion engine and hydraulics. Please see below for other applications.

  • Removing fluid from power steering reservoirs
  • Removing fluid from brake master cylinders
  • Removing the fluid in the sump pans of automatic transmissions.
  • Correcting overfills on transmissions or crankcase oil without removing the drain plugs.
  • Changing hydraulic oil on dump trucks, trash trucks, and construction equipment
  • On vehicles equipped with handicap lifts, the hydraulic fluid can be removed without removing the tank.
  • Changing the fluid in the valve body of automatic transmissions.
  • Changing hydraulic fluid on industrial machinery, dump trucks, construction equipment, etc.
  • Taking the fluid out of wheel hubs when replacing seals and bearings.
  • Evacuating the fuel from diesel engines cylinders when changing the injectors
  • Bleeding brake lines
  • Taking samples from operating systems for Spectro-analysis.